The Lotus Mandala sequence is stimulating and invigorating in order to inspire the kapha or earth-type to move with grace and ease through a sequence that includes many inversions, twists and hip-openers, as well as clarification on the system of the bandhas or locks to safe-guard from injury. Lotus Mandala is accompanied by chilled techno tunes from leading European DJ’s, supporting the up-beat rhythmic movement of body and spirit.

Workshop Format

  • 20 minutes: Brief Definition of Quantum Yoga and Exposition of its systematic application and principles. Recognising and Dealing with Kapha Imbalance. Description of the use of technology in complimenting natural sound and how its regular beat and rhythm resonates with the yogi’s cultivation of a state of total balance leading to siddhis (supernatural powers) and the ultimate exalted state of consciousness.
  • 1.5+ hours: LOTUS MANDALA taught group class, outlining the ten Quantum groupings.
  • 10+ minutes: Mandala as cosmic diagram. Body is microcosm that reflects macrocosm of the universe. Whichever way you turn it, expresses sacred perfection. Lotus grows on mud; the filthier the mud, the more beautiful the lotus. Lotus symbolises the struggle of the sadhaka through the obstacles of conceptual reality. The more we face up to, the brighter the inner radiance when it manifests.
  • Duration: 2 -2.5 hours
  • Dosha Regulated: Kapha (Earth/water)
  • Primary Energetic Effect: Stimulating, Purifying, Inspiring
  • Peak Pose: Ardha Padma Pincha Mayurasana
  • Theme: Grace
  • Level: General
  • Music: Chilled Techno Tunes

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