Movin ‘ On Up, which counteracts kapha-dominance, the dosha responsible for our material substantiality, is invigorating, stimulating and cleansing. We begin by awakening the spine and with it sushumna nadi, the central energy channel, as well as shaking out any stagnation in the muscles. Shivananda-style Sun Salutations stimulate the entire pranic system and sustain flowing momentum. Twists stimulate the organs and strengthen metabolism. Using the wall for support, even the beginner yogi learns how to prepare for such dynamic inversions as handstands. Partner work where possible is encouraged, to support physical ease and awareness through touch and interaction. Finally chakra visualisation with colours and sounds will leave the yogi relaxed and alert.

Workshop Format

  • 20+ minute: Introduction to Quantum Yoga and Explanation of Recognising and Dealing with Kapha Imbalance.
  • 1.5 hour: Movin’ On Up taught group class, outlining the ten Quantum groupings.
  • 10+ minute: Helpful hints on how to safely stimulate an invigorating practice, through the supports of ujayii pranayama (victorious breath) combined with bandhas (locks), sustaining momentum, and thus cultivating cleansing heat.  Resulting in an uplifted spirit, an elevated attitude and a generally lighter and brighter disposition.
  • Duration: 2 hours.
  • Dosha Regulated: Kapha (Earth/Water)
  • Primary Energetic Effect: Energising, Invigorating, Stimulating
  • Level: Beginner to General

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