The Heroes sequence is cooling and calming to teach the pitta or fire-type how to expend energy evenly whilst flowing smoothly through a challenging sequence. Heroes is accompanied by Modern Music and Mantras, the melodic female voices and the genuine healing intention expressed further support the gentle yet firm attitude that strikes the balance of sthira sukam asanam, “posture should be steady and pleasant”.

Workshop Format

  • 20+ minutes: Brief Definition of Quantum Yoga and Exposition of its systematic application and principles. Explanation of Recognising and Dealing with Pitta Imbalance. The meaning and use of mantra in stilling the mind and controlling passionate, fiery tendencies.
  • 1.5+ hours: HEROES taught group class, outlining the ten Quantum groupings.
  • 10+ minutes: Definition of karma as action. 3 types of action: physical, mental, dream. Shavasana, emulating corpse, to consciously re-claim our right to do nothing, thus stepping out of causal chain and its retiributionary repercussions.
  • Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours
  • Dosha Regulated: Pitta (Fire/Water)
  • Primary Energetic Effect: Calming, Cooling, Refining
  • Peak Pose: Quantum Mini-sequence (When regulating pitta, the aim is to cultivate even energetic expenditure, so a peak pose as such is avoided.)
  • Theme: Karma and the 3 types of action, Strength versus Power, Shakti
  • Level: General
  • Music: Modern Music and Mantras

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