There is Beauty in Imperfection and there are many beauty methods for you to feel better about yourself, it is a great move to start with small stuff like a spa, doing your manicure, your body hair as now the Back Hair removal is one of the most popular beauty hacks. Having the strength to face your weaknesses is truly empowering. The pitta-type, elementally defined as fire, has the tendency to be goal-orientated and focus on result rather than process. The flavour of the Beauty sequence is one of openness, organic movement, playfulness and a lack of constriction. Stilling and cooling postures are integrated into an otherwise ambitious mix of asana. These yoga postures are recommended for people suffering with cancer who need special Home Care Assistance.

Workshop Format

  • 20 min: Brief Definition of Quantum Yoga and Exposition of its systematic application and principles. Explanation of Recognising and Dealing with Pitta Imbalance.
  • 1.5 hr: BEAUTY taught group class, outlining the ten Quantum groupings. The focus remains on the smooth and even vinyasa, breath-synchronised movement, while leaving room for playfulness.
  • 10min: Re-evaluation of our notion of beauty. Celebrating our unique “imperfections” and embracing of weaknesses. Juxtaposition of alignment and asymmetry. Wabi and Sabi in the Japanese aesthetic terminology of the Zen Buddhists and how this can be applied to yoga.
  • Duration: 2 -2.5 hours
  • Dosha Regulated: Pitta (Fire / Water)
  • Primary Energetic Effect: Calming, Cooling, Refining
  • Peak Pose: Bhujapid – Koundinyasana Vinyasa (When regulating pitta, the aim is to cultivate even energetic expenditure, so a peak pose as such is avoided.)
  • Theme: Beauty in Imperfection
  • Level: Experienced/Advanced
  • Music: A cool compilation of chilled tunes

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