Wendy MortimerYoga Teacher, Perth
” I have read it, LOVE IT! and re-read it constantly to prepare for classes I teach here in Perth. I love the sequences and am looking forward to getting the master DVD 🙂
Thanks for such an inspirational book, mine is the most dog eared on the shelf.”
Dominique PonkoYoga Flow, Pittsburgh
“…have to say I LOVE your book! I almost cried when I couldn’t get it. Can I get some info on the New Edition.”
Kati BrennanPhiladelphia, PA USA
“Just picked up your book by “accident”. Where have you been all my life?? 😉 This may well be my textbook for the course I teach @ Temple University. Have to spend some more time w/ it. Been looking high and low for a book that covers it ALL. And this seems to. Pranams at your lotus feet, Devi!”.
Jen ElliottOntario, Canada
I have been practicing yoga and meditation since I was 16 years old- I am now 33 with 2 children and still loving it.  I have been instructing small groups of students in my rural community for about a year now and I am learning so much more every week, every day. My plan from here is to grow and evolve with yoga as a student and a teacher.

I absolutely love your book, “Quantum Yoga- Creating Your Ideal Practice from an Ocean of Possibilities” and the DVD that accompanied it!

There are a few well known yoga teachers who inspire me greatly and you are at the top of that list.  I was hoping there was some way that you could be “my guru”.  I just feel it!  I feel like I am ready for a guru and I feel like it  may be you.

Your approach, your use of factual information about the asanas and the practice of yoga, the fact that you have designed practices based on the doshas, and your general demeanor & style have inspired me to take a chance on asking you to be my guru.  I feel grounded and humbled and at peace when I practice the yoga you teach (through the mediums I have used to experience your tutelage).

Marianne MorrisYoga Teacher, Toronto
” i feel fucking amazing!
i just have to say, you have got something so special with your sequences – i have been to workshops of all three new routines and find them incredibly powerful and energizing.  at the end of the session on Sunday lying in Shavasana i could feel a force starting to pulse up through my solar plexus, which i have never felt before, and despite a whole week of hardly any sleep and wondering whether I would make it through the session at all, i found it refreshing, stimulating and rejuvenating, despite it being a serious workout.  incredible. Real magic.  i can’t wait for the DVD….

you rock!