Quantum Yoga

Yotopia - London - UK
22nd Apr - 22nd Apr 2018
What is Quantum Yoga?

Sunday 22/4/2018, from 14:30 to 17:30

At Yotopia
Covent Garden, London – UK

For bookings go to: www.yotopia.co.uk/workshops 


Quantum physics has revealed that matter consists of spaces held together by energy. The aspect that is more “real”, in the sense that it informs the qualities and characteristics of an object, is its inherent energy and not the object itself.

Ever wondered why some poses are easier to some people than others? Have you been trying again and againg to stand on your forearm and stil not getting to grips with it?

Spring your Yoga up and join this all-round class to find out your predominant dosha (biological humor) and to balance your Prakriti – or personal doshic distribution; grounding Vata (Air), enlivening Kapha (Earth), cooling Pitta (Fire). You’ll go away with a new perspective on your mind/body type and the tools to design your own practice depending upon the different circumstances in life you go through at the moment.