Quantum Yoga

Optimising personal practice with Ayurveda

Quantum Yoga is a method of personal practice optimisation using Ayurvedic

assessment tools. The focus is on dynamic asana (posture) – vinyasa

(breath-synchronised movement) and pranayama (breathing exercises).



SUNDAY, 30th August 2015, 2 till 5pm Beginner to Intermediate Level

The workshop will begin with an introduction to Quantum Yoga, i.e. how to gain the ability to ultimately spontaneously create your ideal flowing, dynamic yoga sequences. Each participant will be given a Prakriti (Ayurvedic “nature”) assessment test, with which they will discover how the three doshas (body-mind constitutions) are distributed in their own body-mind complex. Next we will investigate how outer circumstances affect what tendencies manifest, and thereby how our requirements can vary from day to day. Finally, using the quantum method, yogis will learn how to adjust their yoga practice in accordance with changing needs to achieve optimal results. The group will then decide/vote which of the 3 dosha-regulating intermediate sequences to choose to practice: Birds (vata-regulating), Heroes (pitta-regulating), or Lotus Mandala (kapha-regulating). All three are flowing vinyasa sequences, with the emphasis in turn being on grounding, strengthening, stabilizing (vata-regulation), cooling, soothing, balancing (pitta-regulation), or energising, invigorating, and stimulating (kapha-regulation). Each sequence can be accompanied by music composed specifically to support the desired energetic effect. Time permitting, we will end with a Q & A session. 

Please visit www.quantumyoga.com to find out more information, and to do the Prakriti (Ayurvedic “nature”) assessment test if you prefer to have completed it before coming to the workshop.


COST: £40 per workshop, £65 if you sign up to this an the 20th September workshop. £100 for both workshops and the 3 double-album CD’s of the intermediate sequences (normally £19.99 each), as well as the 3 advanced sequence DVD’s (normally £12.99 each). £65 for this workshop and the 3 double-album CD’s of the intermediate sequences (normally £19.99 each). 

10% off all prices if you book before the 1st August ’15.

Bookings please straight through www.yotopia.co.uk.