Quantum Yoga

Sri Yoga Shala
23rd Apr - 23rd Apr 2016
Naturally Balanced


“Naturally Balanced” invites you to expand your awareness and embark on a holistic journey using pranayama, meditation, yin yoga, vinyasa flow and Ayurvedic based Quantum sequencing. This workshop is about connecting with the element of water and harnessing this energy within your body and your practice – we are 60% water after all. We will begin by working with the connective tissues, ligaments and fascia through yin yoga. By creating space in the “yin” tissues we allow for a greater range of movement through the joints and we can go deeper into our “yang” practice. We will seamlessly transition into sequential movement, embody the ebb and flow of the ocean through our breath and bring these two into union. Our Vinyasa flow follows the Quantum method which honours traditional Indian Ayurveda and the assessment of the “doshas”; a recognition we were born with a certain and specific balance, and any ailments we suffer with are due to an imbalance in our true nature or energetic make up.

We will work on postures to strengthen, root down and ground the Vata energy (air/movement) that tends to keep us up in our heads. Meditative core work helps to stir the Pitta (fire) in our bellies, create stronger support for our spine and encourages us to stay cool under pressure. Arm balances help challenge our sense of stability and inversions turn our world upside down stirring up the Kapha (Earth and Water) within us.

Like water we have the power to be as still as a lake or as wild as the waves. Use this workshop to explore your many sides and many layers. You will leave feeling more connected, mindful, grounded and energised!