Quantum Yoga

Yasmine Khan


200hrs Yoga Alliance Pregnancy & Post Natal Yoga


Yasmine's yoga journey started at the age of fourteen an avid arts & dance student she took her first yoga class. 'I remember it clearly, the room, the postures, but most of all I remember how I felt, physically and albeit less obviously at the time, spiritually.'  It’s that feeling that takes me back to my mat daily and reminds me to stay open and flexible once I leave it to start my day.

Over the years no matter what has presented itself in my life, the one constant has been my practice and the one thing that I am continually discovering in every moment is that the physical discipline of a yoga practice flows over into every other area of my world, the joy, the bliss, the sadness, and the myriad of life experiences that many of us are faced with throughout a lifetime.  The simple act of remembering how to breathe, whilst we move, gradually transforms us in body and mind. 

I chose to teach in order to be able to share a little piece of what I have experienced through a daily practice, I teach you in the comfort and sanctuary of your own home and together I plan a session that focuses on safety and alignment, whilst providing a space for you to explore and discover the yoga practice that resonates with you. Styles offered vary from a Dynamic Vinyasa practice to a more gentle but equally delicious and nurturing Yin Practice, I am also available to guide you through Pregnancy Yoga and Post Natal Yoga.