Quantum Yoga

Lara Baumann

Sri Lanka

MA, E-RYT 500

Lara Baumann teaches the Quantum Method® of Yoga to all levels of students both publicly and privately worldwide. Her powerful relationship with yoga and a strong interest in Eastern philosophy is the result of her upbringing in India and Japan, which subsequently led her to complete an MA in Religious Studies at SOAS, University of London. As an apprentice, she has studied with Sri K Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, as well as BKS Iyengar in Pune. In May ’05 Lara took the Jivamukti 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training, and in July ’09 she completed the 500-hour certificate with Tripsichore. Her main teachers are Edward Clark, Danny Paradise and Clive Sheridan. In January ‘09 Mandala Publishing released Lara’s book & DVD “Quantum Yoga, Creating Your Ideal Practice from an Ocean of Possibilities”. Mandala has now published the new expanded edition of this successful book with the new subtitle “Quantum Yoga, The Holistic Approach to Creating Your Ideal Practice”. The author has also presented several yoga documentaries and writes features for yoga magazines, as well as making a regular appearance on Body In Balance TV. Lara runs Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training courses in the UK, India and Sri Lanka. From October ’08 till March’12, Lara has been intermittently on world tour, teaching the Quantum Yoga workshop series in yoga hubs of the USA, Asia and Europe. She has now settled in Galle, Sri Lanka, where she and her husband are building an upmarket eco-retreat. Lara has published three Quantum Yoga double audio-CD’s of the Basic sequences that regulate each Ayurvedic dosha (body-mind constitution) in turn. The Quantum Master Sequence DVD came out in June ’09. In October ’11 she launched a trilogy of Advanced dosha-regulating Quantum Yoga sequence DVD’s. This year’s releases are the final three Beginner’s sequence video downloads. In November ’12, Lara shot the Quantum Yoga pregnancy DVD, which is still in post-production. Lara’s objective is to guide people in developing an optimal, powerful, healing and sacred practice that leads to health, happiness and enlightenment.


Mondays and Wednesdays 09:00 - 10:30 Villa Santosi
Tisara Villas, Duwa Road, Habaraduwa, Galle
Drop-in All Levels http://www.tisaravillas.com

Fridays 09:00 - 10:30 Amangalle
10 Church Street, Galle Fort, Sri Lanka
Drop-in All Levels http://www.amanresorts.com/amangalla/home.aspx



Yotopia, Covent Garden, London
24th May - 25th May 2014
The Intermediate dosha-regulating Trilogy of sequences

SATURDAY, 24TH MAY 2014, 15:30-17:00

HEROES (pitta-regulating)

Yoga represents the methods and means that lead to a direct experience of the divine essence of reality. This sacred practice is approached with focus and discipline, referred to as tapas or spiritual fervour, whilst at the same time cultivating joy and encouraging playfulness. The body is purified through the heat generated from asana (postures) – vinyasa  in conjunction with ujaii pranayama. The mind in turn is stilled and one's general disposition becomes cool and clear. A hero is neither aggressive nor reluctant to act, but instead masters the skill of balancing force with yielding. This sequence incorporates many variations on the hero's pose (Virasana) and is designed to smoothly strengthen every part of one's being. Thus it creates a steady platform from which to embrace our true form, realise our creative potential and bravely express our wild and loving nature. The word mantra is derived from man-"mind" and -tra "to cross over" or "liberate".

Duration: 1.5 hrs

            Dosha Regulated: Pitta (Fire & Water)

            Primary Energetic Effect: Calming, Cooling, Refining

Peak Pose: Quantum Mini-sequence (When regulating pitta, the aim is to cultivate even energetic expenditure, so a peak pose as such is avoided.)

Theme: Karma and the 3 types of action, Strength versus Power, Shakti

            Level: General

            Music: Modern Music and Mantras


SUNDAY, 25TH MAY 2014, 12:30-14:30

BIRDS (vata-regulating)

The underlying theme for Birds is freedom and is designed to remind us that yoga is a return to our natural state of ease and that all spiritual practice is ultimately a process of elimination leading us to the real self. Through practising asanas and vinyasa, we see the body return to its true shape, the nadis free up to allow for a harmonious flow of prana resulting in a deep sense of wellbeing. A safe and inspirational space is cultivated in which the body can express itself without the obstacles of the mind. Birds supplies a steady rhythm that supports the dynamic flow of a balanced yoga practice, in harmony with the breath.


            Duration: 2 hrs

            Dosha Regulated: Vata (Air)

            Primary Energetic Effect: Grounding, Balancing, Strengthening

            Peak Pose: Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana

            Theme: Freedom

            Level: General

            Music: Healing Sounds from Nature


SUNDAY, 25TH MAY 2014, 15:00-17:00

LOTUS MANDALA (kapha-regulating)

Yoga increases prana‚ the life force that brings vitality, health and happiness to the individual. Often through a sedentary life-style, a lack of inspiration and consumption of unhealthy foods, a person feels heavy, toxic and depressed. This means that a dynamic asana practice that maximises the aspect of vinyasa and incorporates invigorating, cleansing and stimulating postures should be developed. A Mandala in its basic form is a circle, which represents the spiralling upward motion that is encouraged in this sequence and echoes the mystical rising of kundalini shakti. It also symbolises a cosmic diagram, based on the sacred geometry of the macrocosm as reflected in the microcosm of the human body. We use this sacred geometry in yoga to re-align the body in such a way that allows an even and balanced flow of energy. Thus in the Lotus-Mandala, the strength and stamina inherent in the human organism in particular and the universe as a whole is drawn upon to realign itself with its true sublime shape.


            Duration: 2 hrs

            Dosha Regulated: Kapha (Earth & Water)

            Primary Energetic Effect: Stimulating, Purifying, Inspiring

            Peak Pose: Ardha Padma Pincha Mayurasana

            Theme: Grace

            Level: General

            Music: Chilled Techno Tunes


COST: £25 per workshop, £55 if you sign up to all 3. £100 for all 3 workshops and the 3 double-album CD’s of the intermediate sequences (normally £20 each). 10% off all prices if you book before the 1 April ’14.

Bookings please straight through www.yotopia.co.uk



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