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Sarah Hugo, Economic Analyst – Galle retreat - August, 2013

I wanted to write and thank you for the yoga course. I really enjoyed it!! You are really an incredible teacher, with such a strong practice and solid knowledge. It instils real confidence and trust – which allowed me to really push myself and aim higher. Your knowledge of the history and the scriptures totally contextualises the practice, brings a clarity to the path that we are trying to work towards and inspires. This may sound obvious to you – but it is not – I have been taught by a number of teachers over the years and very few have this / are able to give this. Thank you!

Meta B. Doherty, Sattwa Cafe – QY Book review - July, 2013

Your words in your book speak to me as if I said them,coming from experience, coming from your heart. Realistic and compassionate. I too am a yoga instructor, my primary inspiration is Krishnamacharya through Mark Whitwell. I am also an ayurvedic consultant and have written two books already in that vein. Just last week I presented a “Yoga for vata, Yoga for pitta and Yoga for kapha” workshop at the Shivananda Ashram in Perth, Australia. While my postures were suited to the participants of a general class, of course they followed on the same lines as yours, thanks to ayurveda.

Harper’s Bazaar – Kimberley Dyer - June, 2013

I just wanted to thank you for the incredible Yoga Retreat I enjoyed this Saturday. It was so lovely to meet Ann and the entire day was pure bliss. Lara is inspiring!

London Metro - June, 2013

Bulgari in Metro, 12June'13

Yoga At Home – Monthly feature- August 2012 - December, 2012

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Yoga At Home – Monthly feature- July 2012 - December, 2012

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Yoga At Home – monthly feature - December, 2012

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Emma Haire, Guruve Ltd – Goa Teacher Training - January, 2012

I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent teaching on your yoga teacher training course. Although I found it challenging at the time, I look back and really appreciate how exact and precise your instructions were, particularly the adjustments. I taught two Iyengar teachers yesterday and they both said it was excellent, and I think a large part is thanks to you. I looked through others’ yoga videos on youtube last weekend and could not find anything I wanted to practise more than your intelligent, imaginative and intuitive sequences. In fact, if there was another course starting next week I’d be straight on the plane and get twice as much out of it second time round!

Shamita Ray, choreographer – London Teacher Training - September, 2011

I gained so much from the 500 hour training with Lara. Even though I was already a qualified teacher, it was an amazing experience to take ‘time out’ to learn new skills and develop my practice. The asana classes were inventive and inspiring, and the lectures on history and philosophy of yoga were particularly fascinating. A real treat was having so many guest teachers and speakers – such as Matthew Clark who taught us Sanskrit, Edward Clark from Tripsichore, and Patrick Shlash who enlightened us on I Ching. I felt refreshed and recharged at the end –it was truly ‘me time’!

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