Quantum Yoga



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Dynamic Awareness: Vinyasa, Ayurveda, and the Science of Possibilities

The book “Quantum Yoga, The Holistic Approach to Creating Your Ideal Practice” is a guide to individualized dynamic self-practice. It consists of two parts. One gives an overview of the yoga tradition, its meaning, history and current forms. It also outlines the basic principles of Ayurveda, yoga’s healing sister-science, as well as explaining key insights in Quantum Physics, both of which inform Quantum Yoga’s unique approach. The second part represents a practical guide to constructing one’s ideal sequence. First the Quantum Assessment Methods are described. The choosing of a theme and/or peak pose is explained, as well as how to sustain the flow and link asanas (postures) in novel ways. Next, the Quantum Grouping & Sequencing Laws are fully outlined, with photos and detailed descriptions to add clarity. The three Basic Quantum sequences are presented in their entirety with fully illustrated charts, which serve the practitioner as sample vinyasa (breath-synchronised movement) sequences, for the regulation of each of the three Ayurvedic doshas (biological constitutions) in turn.

Additional practice of pranayama (breathing exercises), restoratives and menstrual alternatives are also presented. Finally, the reader is given inspiring practical advice on how to get started. It shows you in case studies how physical and emotional impediments are integrated and then skilfully overcome by embracing the Ayurvedic holistic approach of body-mind type recognition and applying this to Quantum Yoga practice. It also includes an Introduction, a section on Pranayama, Menstrual Practice and Drishti. This book is all you will require to establish an effective, fun and sacred practice that is perfect for you!